Here in the Clark County and Portland Area a lot of homes were built in the construction boom between 2002-2006. The majority of these homes had very poor paint jobs due to water down paint, contractors trying to keep costs down most insisted on one thin coat of paint and just quick paint jobs. Many of these homes have cheap caulk, if any at all, applied that has cracked and shrunk over the last few years. If your homes paint is starting to fade or lose the crisp look it is most likely time for paint. If you homes paint is flaking, chipping, if you can see the primer or even bare wood, you are WAY past time for paint.

Caulking your home prevents water and pest damage and helps insulate your home. If your home doesn’t have caulk or if it is cracking, it is time to strip out the old caulk and apply high quality caulk. High quality caulk is uncommon because it is more expensive, requires twice the dry time, and is more difficult to work with. Regardless of the disadvantages, we recommend everyone use quality caulk for long lasting performance.

If your home has quality paint but maybe the colors are outdated or perhaps you just want to give your home a facelift, consider a new exterior paint job. Our Exterior House Painting service is the most affordable, easiest, and most dramatic upgrade you can make to improve the appearance of your home.

Most homes paint jobs with a budget paint job will typically only last 5 years. The average home that had a good quality paint with appropriate application will typically last 8-10 years. A home with lifetime paint or a high quality paint that was applied with superb preparation and had 2 coats will last 10-20 years or even longer depending on the weather over exposures and maintenance.

An easy and affordable way to prolong the life of your paint job is to use pressure washing services on your home twice a year. You wash your car more than that to keep it looking good and prolong the life, so you should also with your house.

How To Pick A Price And Paint Quality That Is Right For You

Not all paint bids are the same. Most home owners are either most concerned with Price or Quality. When you get a cheap bid, you should know that you are going to sacrifice quality. Even if the painter tells you they are going to use the best paint, do top notch prep, and on and on, be a wise consumer and be skeptical. We know that homeowners have different needs.  We give you a price for our Standard Paint Job, a Superior Paint Job, and a Lifetime paint job. Remember all bids are free. We’ll also help you with your color selection during your bid.

When you hire S & S Construction and Remodel, you’ll get your home painted right… Leave the painting to the pros.



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Adding color to the walls of the inside of your home allows you to customize each room so they are just right. The colors you choose can change the atmosphere from dull to cheery, drab to welcoming, bright to relaxing. A fresh coat of paint will have a huge impact on your home. The right colors will mold your home to be exactly as you wish. Color adds value, helps accent room, and warms up an entire house to feel like a home.

Painting the exterior of your home extends the life of your home by protecting it against the rough Northwest weather, Rot, and pests. Painting makes your home look like new again and gives it a more attractive curb appeal. You can actually change the complete image of your home by simply changing the color and applying a quality paint job.

When Do You Need Exterior House Painting Service?