Adding color to the walls of the inside of your home allows you to customize each room so they are just right. The colors you choose can change the atmosphere from dull to cheery, drab to welcoming, bright to relaxing. A fresh coat of paint will have a huge impact on your home. The right colors will mold your home to be exactly as you wish. Color adds value, helps accent room, and warms up an entire house to feel like a home.

Imagine — beautiful hardwood floors, stunning granite, and custom tile surfaces in your kitchen.  Does your kitchen need new recessed lighting or new custom designed kitchen cabinets?  Whatever it is we look forward to hearing your vision and adding our experience and expertise in the designing of your new kitchen.  S & S CONSTRUCTION AND REMODEL CONSTRUCTION AND REMODEL in Camas, WA offers remodeling and design ideas to match your taste and budget. S & S CONSTRUCTION AND REMODEL CONSTRUCTION AND REMODEL strives create the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.

A high-performance roof takes more than just shingles. The performance of any roof depends on an entire system of roofing essentials accessory products working and performing together, including ventilation, hip and ridge shingles, underlayment, and attic insulation. As our design consultants show you all of the roofing color and design options, think about how the look of your new roof could improve upon the roof you have now.

Let us turn your outdated bathroom into the dream after picture you’ve always wanted.

A bathroom is a place many people refer to as their relaxing zone. It is because of this reason, when it comes to designing and remodeling, many people spend quite a significant amount of money to make it one of the best areas in the home.  A well-designed bathroom will allow you to begin your day feeling focused and looking your best. Your bathroom is such an important space in your home.

Quality flooring sets the tone for a home. Whether you desire comfort, warmth, relaxation, or opulence and prestige, beautiful flooring will give you the foundation you seek. The perfect flooring selection will give any room a classy and spacious feel. Additionally, flooring remodeling improvements provide enduring style and timeless character to every room of your home. Refreshing your home with a new flooring installation will enhance the appearance and atmosphere of the entire house.


Nothing is more gratifying than a welcoming, finished and well-appointed outdoor living space that blends personal style with colors, lines and textures in a way that says “this is me.”  We also know that sometimes the choices are overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start.

Siding is the easiest way to make your home look brand new! But the benefits of upgraded siding are more than just aesthetic. Our high quality siding products protect your home, provide insulation for increased thermal efficiency (which saves YOU money on utility bills), and reduce maintenance expenses for years to come. 

Custom tile installation adds lasting beauty and value to any home construction or remodeling project. Tile floors can also be made warm and luxurious with built in heating systems and programmable thermostats. When you are ready to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen into the room you have always wanted, we are the company you and your home deserve.

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